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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Cycling is an endurance sport. Hardest sport on earth. It's really unfair. I have to stand there for seven hours, while they only have to race for seven minutes, and I only get to see them for about seven seconds.

It's also a very hard fought and competitive sport. Today, it looked like Credit Lyonnas was going to take the victory with more of their yellow baseball style hats being worn on the sideline. It was a fierce battle with Skoda and their white bucket hats. One side would send all their representatives down the line of fans to distribute hats, only to have the other company do the same thing. This went on for a while until all the fans had about 14 hats each. Eventually Skoda grabbed the prize when it exploited its later position in the publicity caravan, and was able to be the final hat distributor.

Watching a bike race is a very long day.

But when its George HIncapie barreling down with 400 meters to go and a chance to take the yellow jersey, its all entirely worth it.


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