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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The ocean I associate with the word "Ocean"

I saw the Atlantic the other day.

The last time I saw the Atlantic was over a year ago on Block Island with my crew. The first time I saw the Atlantic I was real small, it was real big, and I was on a beach somewhere in Miami.

The Atlantic is an ocean I associate with beaches, swimming, salt, the best frosted flakes you have ever tasted, the storm that wiped out the best frosted flakes you have ever tasted, sailing the bays, eating, eating some more, driving the coast of north carolina in a golf cart, or cramming six people into a lincoln in Surfside. Riding the cape. Its the ocean you go to regardless of last second wins and last second losses, and somewhere out there is a Cuban refugee wearing my Dad's sunglasses.

The Atlantic glows in the middle of the night.

If you disturb the plankton.

After a year of flying over the Pacific, dinner on the beach of the Gulf of Thailand, kayaking Cook Strait, skipping rocks in the Tasman Sea, riding the Groningen Sound, and storming the coast of the Mediterranean on my bike, it was nice to see the waves crash against the rocks of the lighthouse, and know that as opposed to oceans apart, nine months later I am down to ocean apart. Not far and not long now.


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